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Tvorci slovenske pomorske identitete

Edited by: Mateja Matjašič Friš, Andrej Rahten, Nadja Terčon
Year: 2010

The book (‘The Creators of Slovenian Maritime Identity’) contains eighteen detailed biographical studies of the fates of navy officers, ship owners, scientists, politicians, and businessmen that contributed significantly to the shaping of Slovenian maritime experience. Although it is being published at the time of renewed discussions on the Slovenian-Croatian maritime border and Slovenia’s maritime status, it does not fit among the politically-oriented newspaper articles that have been frequent in the recent years. However, its ambition is clear: to fill in the gaps encountered in often rather emotional and generalized findings about the historical foundations of Slovenian maritime identity. In line with the concept of the series Življenja in dela (Lives and Works), the studies focus on the people that played an important role in Slovenian maritime past and thus helped shape Slovenian maritime identity as is perceived today.

Table of content

Neža Zajc: BUBNOV, Aleksander Dmitrijevič

Marko Pavliha: CIGOJ Stojan

Andrej Vovko: DUJC Rudi

Nadja Terčon: GORUP Josip

Pavlina Bobič: HAUS Anton

Andrej Rahten: KERN Ivan

Igor Grdina: KOPINIČ Josip

Renato Podbersič ml.: KORŠIČ Ivan

Nadja Terčon: MAŠERA Sergej

Andrej Rahten: NABERGOJ Ivan

Nadja Terčon: PAHOR Miroslav

Branko Marušič: PETRINJA Danilo

Mateja Matjašič Friš: PIVEC Rupert

Pavlina Bobič: RAIGERSFELD Jeffrey

Andrej Vrčon: RYBÁŘ Otokar

Andrej Rahten: ŠUSTERŠIČ Alojz

Igor Grdina: TEGETTHOF Wilhelm von

Luka Vidmar: ZOIS Michelangelo in Žig


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