Aspects of the History of Slovene Karst (1545–2008)

Author: Trevor Shaw
Year: 2010

The book comprises fourteen independent chapters dealing with various aspects of the history of Slovenia’s karst and caves in the long period from 1545 to 2008. The author presents the results of the latest research on a wide spectrum of topics linked to the history of the discovery, exploration, and tourist exploitation of karst caves, particularly the most famous among them, Postojna Cave. The topics covered in individual chapters include an historical survey of music performed in Postojna Cave from 1819 onward, postal activity in Postojna Cave, the planning of the cave museum and the Karst Institute in Postojna, research on Valvasor’s depictions of Postojna Cave, other topics linked to various aspects of Cerknica Lake and the Škocjan Caves, and a study of the mythology of the Argonauts and whether the mythological tradition speaks possibly about their descent into the karst underground.

Table of content



1 Postojnska jama compared with other 19th century European tourist caves

2 Postojnska jama in popular books of the 19th century

3 Music in Postojnska jama from 1819

4 The underground post offices in Postojnska jama 1899–1945 (with Alenka Čuk)

5 Postal publicity for Postojnska jama 1922 to 1937

6 Glass Oil Lamps in Postojnska jama in the 19th century

7 Where was Valvasor’s 1689 drawing made – Postojnska jama or Črna jama?

8 A planned cave museum/institute at Postojna before World War I (with Alenka Čuk)

9 Frischlin’s poem of c.1553 on Cerkniško jezero

10 Steinberg’s “1758" book on Cerkniško jezero

11 Speleothems from caves in Slovenia – for sale, study and public display

12 Škocjanske jame in 1891 – An Alpine Club excursion

13 Poldi Fuhrich at Škocjanske jame, 1921 & 1922

14 Did the Argonauts of Greek myth go underground in the Slovene karst? (with James MacQueen)

Notes and References



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