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Založba ZRC

The mission of Založba ZRC, the publishing house of ZRC SAZU, involves three closely related tasks: the production and publication of academic and scientific literature, the sale of books and reviews, and the promotion of the institute's scientific achievements.


1. Publication

Založba ZRC specializes in academic and expert literature, primarily in the humanities. Its publishing program encompasses sociological and scientific disciplines, publishing works in the field of social medicine and related disciplines. The publishing house stocks and publishes original academic and expert monographs, translations of academic literature, dictionaries, critical editions of primary sources, academic reviews, cartographic works, academic manuals, etc. In addition to books publications, Založba ZRC also publishes works on electronic media (CDs, free online publications) and audiovisual media (scientific-documentary films).

Založba ZRC na SKS 2023

The following are the members of the Založba ZRC publishing board (as of November 2017): doc. dr. Saša Babičdr. Matjaž Bizjak, dr. Klemen Grabnar, dr. Matjaž Geršič, dr. Rebeka Kunej, doc. dr. Jernej Mlekuž, dr. Zvezdana Modrijan, dr. Mija Michelizzamag. Aleš Pogačnik (po funkciji), doc. dr. Nataša Viršek Ravbar.



2. Sales

Založba ZRC has established a broad sales network through which it distributes ZRC SAZU's twelve academic journals. ZRC SAZU journals can also be purchased at the Azil Bookshop, the retail store of Založba ZRC located at Novi trg 2 in the center of Ljubljana. The Azil Bookshop is open on weekdays from 10am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. ZRC SAZU academic journals can also be found in most well-stocked Slovenian bookstores. In Croatia, they are available at the Dominović Bookstore.
In addition to Azil, Založba ZRC also operates an online bookshop. Books can be purchased by clicking the button NAKUP displayed next to the online price of each publication. Methods of payment include standard billing, payment on delivery, credit card, or PayPal. The online bookshop is accessible to both registered users and guests. Registered users enjoy certain privileges such as faster and simpler purchasing mechanisms and notifications of special offers.
The online purchase of individual issues of ZRC SAZU journals is not possible at this time. For individual issues, please contact us at the email or call 01/470 64 65 where we can also assist with all other purchases.  
All journals published by Založba ZRC can be purchased for a 10% discount at the Azil Bookshop and Založba ZRC's online bookshop.

3. Promotion

The ZRC Atrij is ZRC SAZU’s central exhibition space and venue for activities. Research symposia and press conferences of Založba ZRC and other ZRC institutes take place in the main hall of the ZRC SAZU Geographical Museum on Gosposka 6 and in the Mala or Prešerenova dvorana on Novi trg 4.