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What to Do with Folklore?. New Perspectives on Folklore Research.

Edited by: Marjetka Golež Kaučič
Year: 2017

Monograph includes twelve articles from European folklorists and ethnologists with new perspectives in folklore studies research in the twenty-first century. In the present day and age – when the borders between low and high culture, and between popular and elite culture, are being blurred, when folklore as “information about a specific nation” and folklore as “tradition” is passing into global cultural currents, where it acquires new connotations and functions – it is necessary to rethink the value and relevance of folklore in culture and society. Publication reveals what folklore actually is today and presents newly introduced approaches to studying folklore phenomena and newly introduced methodologies and perceptions of what is considered folklore – whether it involves pronounced contextuality and a return to texts, or whether folklore as a concept has become a polyvalent and perhaps bleached journalistic label that in modern cultural and social processes denotes something that is a relic and is connected merely to the past and times long gone.

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