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Tipni indeks slovenskih ljudskih pravljic. Živalske pravljice in basni.

Author: Monika Kropej Telban
Year: 2015

This book (‘Type Index of Slovenian Folktales – Animal Tales and Fables’) is the first of the comprehensive body of systematization of Slovenian folktales along the lines of the latest, revised edition of the Types of International Folk Tales by Hans-Jörg Uther (2004). It includes Slovenian animal tales and fables that have been listed among the first 299 numbers of the international classification system. It contains archaic, internationally comparable material which was previously difficult to access and is now published for the first time in a comprehensive and systematic form. With the transfer of the latest scientific results to the Slovenian research sphere; additional studies and comments; and the application of the international classification system for the classification of material it greatly facilitates further development of the discipline while simultaneously including the Slovenian narrative tradition in a broader international context. Since each folktale type includes examples of folktales the book will also attract the attention of the general public.

Table of content

Predgovor [Foreword]
K zbiranju in urejanju ljudskih pravljic [On Collecting and Classifying Folktales]
Začetki sistemiziranja slovenskih pravljic [Beginnings of the Systematization of Slovenian Folktales]
Kratek pregled knjižnih zbirk slovenskega ljudskega pripovedništva [Brief Overview of Library Collections of Slovenian Folk Narratives]
Uvod k živalskim pravljicam in basnim [Introduction to Animal Tales and Fables]
Pojasnila bralcu [Notes for the Reader]
Lisica Zvitorepka / The Clever Fox
Druge divje živali / Other Wild Animals
Divje živali in domače živali / Wild Animals and Domestic Animals
Divje živali in ljudje / Wild Animals and Humans
Domače živali / Domestic Animals
Druge živali in predmeti / Other Animals and Objects
Literatura [Literature]
Kratice [Abbreviations]
Kazalo tipov pravljic / Index of Folktale Types
Type Index of Slovenian Folktales. Animal Tales and Fables

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Ana Duša: Ko pravljice postanejo znanost. Večer, 25. maja 2015 (str. 11).


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