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Slovar sinonimov slovenskega jezika. Splošna določila in opis zgradbe slovarskih sestavkov z vzorčno predstavitvijo.

Authors: Martin Ahlin, Branka Lazar, Zvonka Praznik, Jerica Snoj
Year: 2003

In this publication the concept of the Dictionary of Synonyms in the Slovenian Language is presented. The compilation of this dictionary is to be carried out by the Lexicological section of the Institute of the Slovenian language at SRC SASA. It has been designed as a specialized dictionary with the aim to present Slovenian words from the viewpoint of semantic equality, similarity and some other semantic relations. The contents of the publication can be divided into three sections: (1) the general characteristics of the planned Dictionary of Synonyms, (2) the structure of dictionary entries and (3) sample excerpts from the dictionary. The first part (Introduction) describes those elementary concepts for the Dictionary of Synonyms which determine the character of the planned dictionary before the actual compilation of dictionary entries and provide the guidelines with regard to various possible dictionary realizations. The second part presents the structure of dictionary entries with those main variants which should cover the presentation of all identified semantic relations. The third part is intended to illustrate the realization of dictionary text, including all peculiarities which are characteristic of a specialized dictionary of this type.

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