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Serenada za orkester na lok
Serenade for string orchestra

Author: Benjamin Ipavec
Year: 2010

The Serenade by Benjamin Ipavec, one of the foremost representatives of the Slovenian music in the nineteenth century, is today considered a “firm artefact of local concert literature”. In terms of its time of creation, it occupies a significant position in Slovenian national music history as one of the earliest original orchestral works. Even though created more than 100 years ago (1898), it had not been published in its original version till this time. This modern critical edition offers to performers and researchers an insight into the autograph, accompanied by explanatory notes on the possible deviations from today’s practice. The introductory study reveals also some of the hitherto unknown facts of interest to musicologists as well as cultural historians.
Upon request is available also a set of instrumental parts and the score for the price of 29 EUR.


string orchestra


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