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Music from Both Sides. Gramophone Records Made by Matija Arko and the Hoyer Trio.

Authors: Drago Kunej, Rebeka Kunej
Year: 2017

Matija (Matt) Arko, known to family and friends as Hojer (Hoyer), was born in Slovenia. He emigrated to the States as a teenager, bringing alongside his love for music and the accordion. Music became an important part of his life and his Hoyer instrumental trio became extremely popular amongst Slovenians as well as emigrants of other nationalities. By mixing elements of Slovenian traditional music and various popular American genres of the time, he created the foundations of the polka music, the appeal of which crossed ethnic boundaries and later on achieved general popularity. Most of Matija Arko’s tunes have been recorded on gramophone records, which give us insight into his musical activities and the history of Slovenian music in the USA. Very little is known in his homeland about Matija Arko, known in the States as Matt Hoyer, and his musical endeavours. This publication is English translation of the Slovenian edition, aims to shed light on his activities and music.

Table of content

Foreword to the English Edition

From Matija Arko to Matt Hoyer
                The Beginnings in the Slovenian Lands
                Life in the USA and the Hoyer Trio
Recording of Gramophone Records
                The Earliest Sound Recording Devices
                The Beginnings of Gramophone Record Industry
                The Earliest Slovenian Gramophone Records
                Recording Immigrants’ Music in the USA
                Recordings by the Hoyer Trio
Records and Their Popularity with Buyers and Listeners
                The Meaning of Labels and Codes on Records
                Catalog Number Series
                Reissues for a New Target Audience
About the Recorded Materials
                Folk Music on Hoyer Trio Records
                The Heralds of Polka Music

Glasba z obeh strani (povzetek)
List of Figures

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Arko, Matija
folk music
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