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Most na Soči. Arheološke raziskave v letih 2000–2016 na levem bregu Idrijce / The 2000–2016 archaeological investigations on the left bank of the Idrijca.

Author: Miha Milnar
Year: 2020

Most na Soči is an archaeological site of key importance in the Posočje region and also one that witnessed most extensive investigations. Remains of its rich distant past have been coming to light over the last century and a half, either as chance finds or through archaeological excavations of the settlement from the Bronze, Iron and Roman Ages, as well as the associated cemeteries.
This book presents the recent investigations on the left bank of the Idrijca, where a vast Iron Age cemetery has been known since the end of the 19th century. At its northern edge, a total of 88 graves were excavated by the Tolminski muzej in 2000–2016, when three locations were investigated: Pucarjev rob, Repelc and Lipičarjev vrt. Most of the graves date to the Iron Age, a dozen to the Roman period and one to the Early Middle Ages. In their immediate vicinity, a contemporary cremation pit and a stone drywall were discovered, under the graves also habitation remains from the Late Bronze Age.

The content of the book is divided into several sections. The most extensive is the first one, which presents the topographic and stratigraphic evidence, descriptions of graves with their goods and other structures. This is followed by typological, chronological and cultural analyses of the finds. The time span of burial at individual locations and the interpretation of other remains are also given. The conclusion evaluates the differences and changes in the mortuary rituals, the imports from other cultural provinces and the associated connections, as well as the significance of recent discoveries that complement the archaeological knowledge of the area.
The next section of the book comprises treatises on the recovered organic remains. The anthropological analysis of the human bone remains identifies the age and sex of the buried individuals and complements the archaeological considerations. The animal remains and possible interpretations of their symbolic role in the mortuary rituals and cult practices are discussed in detail. The macrobotanic remains are also presented and, similarly as the faunal evidence, are compared with those from select sites of the Posočje Iron Age community, offering an insight into the exploitation of the natural environment of the day.
In the last part of the book, the graves and finds are graphically presented on 72 plates.


Železnodobno naselje Most na Soči. Gradbeni izvidi in najdbe / The Iron Age Settlement at Most na Soči. Settlement Structures and Small Finds

Železnodobno naselje Most na Soči. Razprave / The Iron Age Settlement at Most na Soči. Treatises

Table of content

  • Uvod / Introduction
  • Arheološke raziskave v letih 2000–2016 na Mostu na Soči
  • Raziskave na območju Pucarjevega roba leta 2001 in 2013 / Investigations at Pucarjev rob in 2001 and 2013
    • Topografski in stratigrafski podatki / Topographic and stratigraphic evidence
    • Grobovi / Graves
    • Opredelitev najdb / Attribution of grave goods
    • Arheološka slika najdišča Pucarjev rob / Archaeological evidence from the Pucarjev rob site
  • Raziskave na območju Repelca leta 2000 in 2002 / Investigations at Repelc in 2000 and 2002
    • Topografski in stratigrafski podatki / Topographic and stratigraphic evidence
    • Naselbinska plast (SE 5) / Habitation layer (SU 5)
    • Grobovi / Graves and pits
    • Jame / Graves and pits
    • Žganinska jama (SE 101–103) / Cremation pit (SU 101–103
    • Kamniti zid (SE 87) in okrogla kamnita konstrukcija (SE 88) / Stone wall (SU 87) and round stone structure (SU 88)
    • Premešana kulturna plast (SE 3) / Mixed cultural layer (SU 3)
    • Opredelitev najdb / Attribution of finds
    • Arheološka slika najdišča Repelc / Archaeological evidence from the Repelc site
  • Odkritje groba na Lipičarjevem vrtu leta 2016 / Cremation burial found in 2016 at Lipičarjev vrt
  • Zaključek / Conclusion
  • Literatura / Bibliography
  • Antropološka analiza kostnih ostankov iz grobov na Pucarjevem robu in Repelcu na Mostu na Soči / Anthropological evidence from Pucarjev rob and Repelc in Most na Soči(Petra LEBEN-SELJAK)
  • Živalski ostanki z železnodobnega grobišča Most na Soči: ledini Pucarjev rob in Repelc / Archaeozoological evidence from the Iron Age cemetery at Most na Soči: the Pucarjev rob and Repelc sites (Borut TOŠKAN)
  • Arheobotanične raziskave na izbranih najdiščih posoške železnodobne skupnosti / Archaeobotanical evidence from select sites of the Posočje Iron Age community (Metka CULIBERG)
  • Table / Plates 1–72
  • Seznam avtorjev / List of contributors

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