Korespondenca Žige Zoisa

Author: Žiga Zois
Year: 2004

This is a scholarly digital edition of part of the unpublished correspondence between the patron of the arts Žiga Zois (Ljubljana) and the Slavic scholar Jernej Kopitar (Vienna) from 1810 to 1819. It includes 25 letters written by Zois and Kopitar in 1812 and 1813 in German. These letters are important testimonies to a crucial period in European and Slovenian history. They describe events of the last Napoleonic wars, political and economic circumstances in the Illyrian Provinces, and scientific and literary projects of Zois’ intellectual circle. They are presented in three parallel versions: facsimile, diplomatic transcription, and critical translation into Slovenian. This edition thus enables the comparison of versions by pages, paragraphs, and words. It includes notes, commentary, and index.

18/19th century
cultural history
electronic editions
electronic media
scientific editions
Zois, Žiga


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