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Blesk zlate krone. Gospodje Svibenski – kratka zgodovina plemenitih nasilnikov.

Author: Dušan Kos
Year: 2003

The book is intended to clarifying the family life of the nobility and social processes in the period between the 12th century and the beginning of the 15th century on the territory of the actual Slovenia through the history of the noble family of the lords of Svibno (Schärffenberg). The monograph incorporates commented biographies of all known members of the mentioned family, of their individual branches and of the family as a whole, with illustrative chapters from everyday life and the history of patterns, structures and phenomena of the Lower Alps noble class in which they belonged. The author combines in his historiographic approach analytical and “structural” history with “narration”. The result is a case-story about an exceptionally active family community that was famous for its violence, individualism, political adventurousness, love for sumptuousness and true chivalric life, and as well for religiousness, cunningness, pragmatism, occasional joint strategies, and for economic inefficiency.

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Middle Ages
Svibenski (family)


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