Art at a Cultural Crossroads. Art historical outline of the Nova Gorica Municipality

Edited by: Helena Seražin
Year: 2020

The richly illustrated outline of art in the Goriška region from the Middle Ages to the present day contains the latest knowledge about the most beautiful and most important artistic monuments in the area of the Municipality of Nova Gorica (MONG). Due to the extensive index of names and places at the end of the book and the schematic map of MONG on the tab, readers can also use it as an art guide. A large part of the book is dedicated to architecture and art after the Second World War in the completely newly built border city of Nova Gorica, which in 2018 celebrated its seventieth anniversary. A longer introductory text on the history of Goriška and the formation of Nova Gorica was written by a long-term collaborator of the Nova Gorica Research Station ZRC SAZU dr. Branko Marušič, while an introductory text on art in the Goriška region was written by dr. Helena Seražin, who also edited this publication. Other texts for the book were contributed by almost all collaborators of the France Stele Institute of Art History ZRC SAZU in cooperation with the curators of the Goriška Museum Kromberk - Nova Gorica and a collaborator from the Department of Art History of the Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor.

Table of content

Table of Content


About the Municipality of Nova Gorica


The Development of Nova Gorica

Branko Marušič


Art at Cultural Crossroads

Helena Seražin


Medieval Art

Gorazd Bence


Late Gothic Workshops of Stonemasonry in the Goriška Region

Mija Oter Gorenčič


Castles, Tabor Strongholds and Mansions

Helena Seražin


Pilgrimage Church of the Holy Mother of God on Sveta Gora

Andreja Rakovec in Tina Košak


Pilgrimage Church of St Mary Comforter of the Afflicted on Kostanjevica

Helena Seražin in Tina Košak


Gorizia Stonemasonry Workshops

Helena Seražin


Baroque Painting

Andreja Rakovec


Historicist Villas on the Outskirts of Gorizia

Franci Lazarini


Jožef Tominc (1790–1866)

Andreja Rakovec


Jewish Cemetery in Rožna Dolina

Klavdija Figelj


The Railway

Barbara Vodopivec


Cemeteries and Monuments of the First World War

Barbara Vodopivec


The Renovation of Sacral Architecture

Franci Lazarini


Art in the Goriška Region before and after the Great War

Vesna Krmelj in Andreja Rakovec


The Founding of Nova Gorica

Klavdija Figelj


The Town Hall

Katarina Mohar


Slovenian National Theatre and France Bevk Public Library

Klavdija Figelj


Church of Christ the Saviour

Klavdija Figelj


Residential Construction

Klavdija Figelj


Industrial Architectural Heritage

Klavdija Figelj


Public MOnuments after the Second World War

Katarina Mohar


Painting after the Second World War

Klavdija Figelj


The Goriška Museum in Kromberk

Katarina Brešan


Bibliography and Sources of Photographs

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20th century
collective volume
cultural history
fine arts
Gorica region
industrial heritage
Middle Ages
New Age
Nova Gorica


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