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75 let Inštituta za raziskovanje krasa ZRC SAZU
75 years of the Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU

Editorial Board: Jasmina Čeligoj Biščak, Nadja Zupan Hajna, Martin Knez, Janez Mulec, Tadej Slabe, Stanka Šebela
Year: 2023

Karstology, speleology and speleobiology have a right to a home in Slovenia because of the pioneering research that has been done in this territory. The Institute located on the Classic Karst in Postojna is one of the most important international research and study centers for karstology, as it combines the study of the karst surface, caves, waters, and biotic features in an interdisciplinary way. The understanding of karst is the starting point for sustainable planning of life on karst and its protection, which also led to the establishment of the UNESCO Chair on Karst Education. The Institute organizes the annual International Karstological School, publishes the scientific journal Acta Carsologica, conducts numerous field surveys, manages the Slovenian Cave Registry in cooperation with the Speleological Association of Slovenia, and regularly updates the karstological library. Research results are collected and curated within the framework of European infrastructure research networks. The path of the Institute so far is accompanied with many achievements, which are manifested not only in scientific excellence, but also in solving practical problems that we encounter in the karst.

Table of content

Knjigi na pot / Preface

Pomen in poslanstvo Inštituta za raziskovanje krasa / The Importance and Mission of the Karst Research Institute

Sodelavci IZRK / Associates of the Karst Research Institute

Izbrani dosežki sodelavcev IZRK / Selected Achievements of Associates of the Karst Research Institute

Revija Acta Carsologica in zbirka Carsologica / Journal Acta Carsologica and Book Series Carsologica

Mednarodna vpetost IZRK / International Integration of the Karst Research Institute

Raziskovanje krasa v tujini / Karst Research Abroad

Neposredno uporabne študije / Directly Applicable Studies

Mednarodna krasoslovna šola / International Karstological School

Kataster slovenskih jam / Slovenian Cave Registry

Terenske raziskave / Field Research

Krasoslovni laboratorij za hidrološke, kemijske, biološke, mikrobiološke in geološke raziskave / Karstological Laboratory for Hydrological, Chemical, Biological, Microbiological and Geological Research

Knjižnica IZRK / Library of the Karst Research Institute

Razvoj raziskovalne infrastrukture / Development of Research Infrastructure

Širimo znanje o krasu / Disseminating Knowledge of Karst

Študij krasoslovja / Karstology Studies

Stavba IZRK z avstro-ogrsko nivelmansko točko / The Building of the Karst Research Institute with the Austro-Hungarian Levelling Point

Viri in literatura / Sources and Literature

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