ZRC Atrium


The ZRC Atrium is a venue for promotional activities, conferences, and other events. Presentations of the arts and sciences and the academic research work of ZRC's eighteen institutes take place in the Atrium on a regular basis. The ZRC Atrium also hosts symposiums, conferences, lectures, book presentations, exhibitions, children's workshops, press conferences, and official protocol events. ZRC SAZU attracts an audience beyond its own members with the presentation of cultural events in the ZRC Atrium including literary evenings and classical music concerts. Last but not least, the ZRC Atrium has become an increasingly prominent exhibition space where ZRC SAZU displays innovative presentations of the academic accomplishments of its members. The events presented at the ZRC Atrium contribute to the rich variety of cultural life in Ljubljana's city centre.

The ZRC Atrium can also be rented out by local and international institutions. With its glass roof, arcades, and massive arches, it is an excellent venue for evening socializing and parties. The Atrium is heated and equipped with audio-visual technology for all types of events. It has a capacity of up to 100.

Address: Novi trg 2, Ljubljana           
Phone: 01 / 470 64 16
E-mail: atrij@zrc-sazu.si