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Zbrano delo, 2. knjiga. Dolomiti; Zlato polje; Mladostne pesmi; Pesmi Zinki; Druge neobjavljene pesmi; Nedokončane pesmi; Priložnostni verzi.

Author: Miran Jarc
Year: 2013

The unpublished poetic heritage of Miran Jarc (1900–1942), which is presented in the second book of Collected Works, encompasses approximately 250 poems, or 6,000 verses. This edition comprises two manuscript collections, Dolomiti ('The Dolomites') and Zlato polje ('Golden Field'), both from 1927; the first contains short reflective-travel lyrics, and the second contains love poetry. Many of Jarc’s youthful poems written after 1915, which he sent to his friend Božidar Jakac, have been preserved. An entire miniature opus is represented by the poems dedicated to Jarc’s cousin Zinka Zarnik, who later became his wife; the majority of them were not intended for publication, even though they include polished sonnet cycles. These love poems are largely preserved in 877 poems to Jarc’s wife Zinka, which are mainly long and extensive personal and poetic narratives. Another important source of previously unknown poems by Jarc are his letters to his relatives and friends, particularly to painter Jakac, to his friends Romance languages specialist Mirko Pretnar and ethnologist Boris Orel, and to his acquaintance Mara Vogrinec. Also extant are Jarc’s poems from various commemorative albums intended for his wife and relatives, which are primarily of an occasional nature, such as the poem Pahljača kraljice Maje ('Queen Maja’s Fan', 1922). The Jarc archive in the Novo mesto library also preserves some of Jarc’s uncompleted verses.

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