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Women's Creativity since the Modern Movement (1918–2018). Toward a New Perception and Reception.

Edited by: Caterina Franchini, Emilia Maria Garda, Helena Seražin
Year: 2018

Extensive work is a result of four year research within the international project Women's Creativity since the Modern Movement, and brings new insights into women in architecture, construction, design, urban planning and landscape architecture in Europe and in the rest of the world. It is divided into eight chapters that combine 116 articles on topics: A. Women’s education and training: National and international mappings; B. Women’s legacy and heritage: Protection, restoration and enhancement; C. Women in communication and professional networks; D. Women and cultural tourism; E. Women’s achievements and professional attainments: Moving boundaries; F. Women and sustainability: City and Landscape; G. Women ‘as subjects’: Documentation, methodology, interpretation and enhancement; SG. Design drawings.

Table of content

Emilia Garda

Chapter A:

Women’s Education and Training: National and International Mappings

Women’s Education and Training: National and International Mappings
Helena Seražin

Contribution to Research of Architecture and Architectural Education in Croatia (1918–2018)
Zrinka Barišić Marenić, Marina Bertina, Neda Mirnjek Kliska
Women Designers and Architects in Early Twentieth Century Vienna
Iris Meder
Flora Ruchat-Roncati: First Woman Professor at ETH Zurich: Introducing Women’s Standpoint in Architectural Pedagogy
Katia Frey and Eliana Perotti
Women in Polish Architecture as an Example of Feminisation of the Architectural Profession
Agata Gawlak, Piotr Marciniak and Magda Matuszewska
Giulia Veronesi, Rosa Giolli Menni and Maria Brandon Albini: Three Profiles of Women in Milan in the Twenties and Thirties
Rita D’Attorre
The Feminisation of Architectural Education and Science: The Example of Ukraine
Olga Mykhaylyshyn and Svitlana Linda
Canadian Foundations: The Women Who Shaped Architecture and the Leaders They Formed
Natalia Woldarsky Meneses
Gender in Architecture: A Feminist Critique on Practice and Education
Rana Dubeissy
Women in the Spanish Architecture Schools, from 1929 to 2018
Iñigo Galdeano Pérez
Sapienti Romane: Pioneers and Heirs at the Faculty of Architecture in Rome
Serena Belotti, Monica Prencipe and Anna Riciputo
Women’s Education and Training in Nepal from the Eyes of Pioneer Lady Architect, Chandra Lekha Kayastha
Suraj Khanal
Anna Maria Fundarò’s ‘Design for Development’
Marinella Ferrara
Lyubov Zalesskaya: A Landscape Architect and Professor at the Moscow Architectural Institute
Christiane Post
Woman Architects during the First Years after the Russian Revolution: The Education, Early Work and Scientific Approach of Lydia Komarova
Leda Dimitriadi
Alternative Education Environments: Working with the Socio-Physical Conditions
Beste Sabır
Women’s Studies at the Architecture Faculty of Delft Technical University
Charlotte van Wijk
Rosa Barba and the Barcelona School of Architecture (1992–2000): Landscape as a New Agency for Female Architects
Ruben Larramendi and Lucía C. Pérez Moreno
Women and Representation: The Teaching of Drawing in the Italian Faculties of Architecture and Engineering
Barbara Messina
Nicia Paes Bormann and the Feminine Role in Modern Architecture of Fortaleza: Training and Teaching Activity
Érica Martins
University Commitment and Professional Experience: Ten Questions to Marcella Aprile
Vincenza Garofalo

Chapter B: Women’s Legacy and Heritage: Protection, Restoration and Enhancement

Women’s Legacy and Heritage: Protection, Restoration and Enhancement
Henrieta Moravčíková, Nina Bartošová

Learning from Lina: An Architecture of Twentieth Century for Nowadays
Alessandra Criconia and Elisabeth Essaïan
Women in Conservation Profession in Socialist Yugoslavia: Some Comparative Perspectives
Barbara Vodopivec
Three Women Architects in Turkey’s Conservation History
Burcu Selcen Coşkun
The Role of Modern Women in the American Preservation Movement: The San Antonio Conservation Society and the Women who Saved the City’s Heritage
Elsa G. De León
Romanian Women Architects in Preserving Cultural Heritage
Mihaela Lazăr, Marilena Negulescu
Contribution to Research of Industrial Archaeology in Croatia (1918–2018)
Zrinka Barišić Marenić
Combining New and Ancient: The Design Experiences of Liliana Grassi and Gae Aulenti between Recovery and Innovation
Federica Ribera and Pasquale Cucco
Lina Bo Bardi’s MASP: Concrete Remaking, Design Restoring
Ana Carolina Pellegrini and Marta Silveira Peixoto
Odile Decq and the Maison Bernard by Antti Lovag
Rossella Martino
Bringing Latvian Architecture through International Age: Women’s Architectural Legacy in Latvia from 1918 to 2018
Alina Beitane and Agate Eniņa
The Women Architects of Iran: Their Practice and Influence (1940–1976)
Saeid Khaghani and Niloofar Rasooli
Beyond Architecture: The Legacy of the First Female Architects in the Modern Era of Concepción, Chile Luis Darmendrail Salvo
Tuscan Women Architects and Engineers: Visions, Practice and Intervention on Architectural Heritage Stefania Landi and Denise Ulivieri
Mualla Eyüboğlu: A Female Architect to Serve the Country
Gertrud Olsson
Ruth Rivera Marìn and Her Commitment to Cultural Heritage
Stefano Gizzi
Věra Machoninová: First Lady of the Czechoslovak Brutalist Architecture
Klára Brůhová
Nadia Devinoy-Godar: The Architect Who Became a Politician
Stéphanie Bouysse-Mesnage
Eileen Gray’s House E1027: A Unique Design of Modern Movement Heritage
Fátima Pombo and Anna Marie Fisker

Chapter C: Women in Communication and Professional Networks

Women in Communication and Professional Networks
Ana María Fernández García

Women in Modern Neighborhoods: Margarete Schüte-Lihotzky, Jakoba Mulder, Lotte Stam-Beese and Carmen Portinho
Zaida Muxí Martínez
Feminine Presence Inside Architects and Urban Planner’s Professional Networks in Brazil: 1960s to 1980s
Taiana Car Vidotto and Ana Maria Reis de Goes Monteiro
Women as Interior Architects during Fifty Years of the BNI (Association of Dutch Interior Architects)
Ilja Meijer
Building the Networks in Architecture: Serbian Women Architects 1900–1941
Aleksandra Ilijevski
Women Who Build: Giulia De Appolonia, Ulla Hell, Elisa Burnazzi
Daniela Turazza and Chiara Santi
Promoting Actions for Gender Equality in Architecture
Fulvia Fagotto
Paths of Resistance: Women in Architecture - an Association in Portugal
Lia Pereira Saraiva Gil Antunes
RebelArchitette: An Open Source, One-Year Venture Delivering Female Role Models for the Opening of Venice Biennale 2018
Francesca Perani
Un Día una Arquitecta: Three Years of Activism Towards Inclusion
Daniela Arias Laurino and Inés Moisset
Ingenio al Femminile
Ania Lopez
Four to Forty: Evolution in Three Decades since 1983
Amina Qayyum Mirza
South American Foreign and Female Professionals: Reflections on an Unknown Contribution through Specialised South American Journals, 1929–1965
José Carlos Huapaya Espinoza, Clara Demettino Castro Vasconcelos, Nedda Maria A. Noel Tapia, Priscila Monique Da Silva Santos and Sabrina Rachel Rubio
The Educating New Taste in Interior Designing by Iranian Women’s Magazines 1910–1952
Golnaz Mashreghi and Hassan Bolkhari
Gender Issues in ‘Casabella’ by Vittorio Gregotti (1982–1996)
Marco Francesco Pippione and Gian Nicola Ricci

Chapter D: Women and Cultural Tourism

A Counter-Itinerary: Intersecting Histories and Geographies
Marjan Groot

Contemporary Architecture Leading the Way: The Guiding Architects Network
Cristina Emília Silva
Off the Beaten Tracks: British Female Travellers and the Consumption of the Italian Alpine Territory
Irene Gaddo
Kazimiera Alberti’s Calabria: Reportage of a Journey in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Maria Rossana Caniglia
Pioneer Women Architects in Romania and Italy
Maria Bostenaru Dan
The ‘Built’ Legacy of Poldi Hirsch: An European Architect Who Became an American Pioneer of the Modern Movement
Selena Bagnara Milan
A Woman Pioneer in Archaeology and Conservation in Turkey: Halet Çambel
Pelin Bolca and Derya Karadağ
Cre-Action for Cultural Heritage: The Project of a World-Wide Focus on Architecture at Risk Conceived by a Professional Woman
Michela Mezzano
Studi d’Artista: From Contemporary to the Future
Stefania Dassi

Chapter E: Women’s Achievements and Professional Attainments: Moving Boundaries

Women’s Achievements and Professional Attainments: Moving Boundaries
Maria Helena Souto

Capturing the Intangible
Caterina Tiazzoldi
Going for Gold: Looking at the Gender Imbalance of Recipients of Major Architectural Awards and Prizes
Liz Walder
Woman Architect Grete Lihotzky
Alfons Puigarnau
German-Speaking Refugee Women Architects before the Second World War
Tanja Poppelreuter
Chandigarh’s Urmila Eulie Chowdhury: The Grand Dame of Modern Architecture in India
Deepika Gandhi
Artists of the Thread between the Thirties and the Sixties, from Artistic Craftsmanship to Industry: Two Exemplary Cases Anita Pittoni and Fede Cheti
Anna Mazzanti and Chiara Lecce
Women in the Industrial Design Research Center – CIDI, Buenos Aires (1963–1988)
Silvia Fernández
Blurring Boundaries Working in Asia as Architect and Interior Designer
Lorena Alessio
Arts & Innovation ‘Inevitable Touch’
Milène Guermont

Chapter F: Women and Sustainability

Women and Sustainability
Marjan Groot

Extroverted Infrastructure: Too Big to Hide
Andrea Leers and Jane Weinzapfel
Recoloured: A New Way of Recycling
Jessica den Hartog
Living Light
Studio Ermi van Oers
Exploring the Roots of Slow Design: Christien Meindertsma’s Return to Craft
Haley Bernier
Pioneer Women in Sustainable Modernism Architecture: Materiality of Architectural Forms
Nataliya Lushnikova
Fantastic Four Females: The Superheroes Hidden behind the Cape. Bisquert, Fossatti-Bellani, Kanstinger and Macintosh
Virginia De Jorge Huertas
The Role of Women Creatives in the Construction of a New Dutch Sustainable Identity Marker
Katherine Monica Marciniak
Cutting Edges: Ada Tolla, LOT-EK and Resistant Equipment from Naples to New York
Annette Condello
Materials and Local Architecture: Best Practices for a Resilient World
Chiara Pasut
Empowering Vulnerable Women by Participatory Design Workshops
Cristian Campagnaro and Sara Ceraolo
Two Women Architects and Eight People’s House Projects: Leman Tomsu and Münevver Belen, 1934–1938
Nilüfer Baturayoğlu Yöney and Burak Asiliskender
Women Pioneers in the Modern Movement: The Methodology of Elizabeth Denby, Carmen Portinho, Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky and Catherine Bauer
Marcela Marques Abla
Designing the Growth: Planners of Belgrade Housing
Jelica Jovanović
Studying the Building Envelope through the Works of Two Indian Architects
Kirat Kaur Pandher
Learning from Suburbia: Dolores Hayden and Her Forward-Looking Proposal for a More Egalitarian Urbanism
Serafina Amoroso
Underground Women: Invisible Female Architects of the Moscow Metro
Anna Misharina
The Feminine Sensibility in the Project of the ‘Sustainable’ Place
Marcella Tisi
Lina Bo and the Aqueduct of Cars
Cláudia Costa Cabral
A Capital before Brasilia: The Modern City of Carmen Portinho
Silvana Rubino

Chapter G: Women ‘as Subjects’: Documentation, Methodology, Interpretation and Enhancement

Women ‘as Subjects’: Documentation, Methodology, Interpretation and Enhancement
Caterina Franchini, Emilia Garda

Collecting & Linking Creative Culture of Women: Women Designers and Women Clients for another History
Rosa Tamborrino
Intersectional and Transnational Feminist Histories: The Logic behind The Bloomsbury Global Encyclopedia of Women in Architecture 1960–2015 (Forthcoming 2021)
Lori Brown and Karen Burns
Women in Architecture Initiative in Serbia: The Importance of Promoting Women’s Work in Architecture
Milena Zindović
Io Donna Torinese, Falsa e Cortese’
Teresa Sapey
The Role of Female Architects in Designing Schools in Belgrade (1918–1941)
Vladana Putnik Prica
The Design of Educational Buildings in Portugal: A Feminine Contribution in the Sixties
Alexandra Alegre, Maria Bacharel and Ana Fernandes
Foreign Women in Italian Architecture and Art during the Fascism
Anna Vyazemtseva
Stefania Filo Speziale and Her Long Overlooked-Legacy to Twentieth Century Italian Architecture
Chiara Ingrosso and Aurora Maria Riviezzo
Women as Design Partners: First Founded Husband and Wife Partnerships in Modern Turkish Architecture
Zeynep İrem Küreğibüyük
Pioneer Architects: The Open Source Catalogue Architectuul
Boštjan Bugarič
Female Design and Architectural Archives in Italy: A Preliminary Investigation among Online Search Tools
Maria Teresa Feraboli
Making (Hi)Stories of Women in Scottish Architecture
Suzanne Ewing
Women Architects in Polish Feature Film of the Sixties
Adam Nadolny
Sophisticated Professional Life and Archive of Mualla Eyüboğlu-Anhegger
Ceylan İrem Gençer and Işıl Çokuğraş
The Marta Lonzi Archive: Subjectivity in the Creative Process
Raffaella Poletti
Building Genealogies, Learning from Feminism: Women as Designers and Planners
Claudia Mattogno

Chapter SG: Design Drawings

Design Drawings
Roberta Spallone and Marco Vitali

Two Design Drawings Makers: Lina Bo (Bardi) and Ray Kaiser (Eames)
Fermina Garrido López and Mara Sánchez Llorens
Graphic Analysis of the Project Kina by Teresa Żarnowerówna, 1926
Starlight Vattano
Women in Architecture: From Sources of Inspiration to Protagonists on the Architectural Scene
Rossana Netti
A Visible, Digital and Useful Future for Drawings and Designs
Ana Pera

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