Terminološki slovar avtomatike. Druga, dopolnjena in pregledana izdaja

Authors: Tadej Bajd, Rihard Karba, Gorazd Karer, Mojca Žagar Karer, Juš Kocijan
Year: 2018

The Terminološki slovar avtomatike ('Terminological Dictionary of Automatic Control, Systems and Robotics') was first published in 2014 in printed format and then also in electronic format on the website Terminologišče in 2015. As the real-world usability of a terminological dictionary is proven only after it has been extensively used and tested by the professional community, 2 years later the authors decided to publish an updated and revised edition. Therefore, they have revised, corrected and extended the whole dictionary while keeping the concept and the structure of the dictionary the same as in the first edition. The remarks and suggestions contributed by the professional community have also been taken into account. 275 new entries along with definitions and English equivalents have been added. 317 entries have been revised. The second updated and revised edition thus comprises 2020 entries and 2306 English equivalents.

English language
Slovene language
terminological dictionaries


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