Terminologija v času globalizacije. Zbornik prispevkov s simpozija Terminologija v času globalizacije, Ljubljana, 5.–6. junij 2003
Terminology at the Time of Globalization. Collected papers from the Scientific Conference Terminology at the Time of Globalization, Ljubljana, 5th–6th June 2003

Edited by: Marjeta Humar
Year: 2004

The collection includes 36 contributions presented at the scientific conference Terminology at the Time of Globalization in Ljubljana. Participating were scientists from Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Poland. The aim of the scientific conference was to get acquainted with terminographical and terminological problematics of other Slavic nations and the various ways of solving it. The papers provided a presentation of terminological and terminographical work in the individual countries as well as the solving of terminological problems arising especially from globalization and the integration into the European Union.

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