Slovenski glagol [italijanska]. Oblikoslovni priročnik in slovar slovenskih glagolov
Il verbo sloveno. Manuale morfologico e dizionario dei verbi sloveni

Author: Rada Lečič
Publishing House: Založba ZRC
Year: 2006

The Slovene-Italian edition of the manual contains those forms of verbs which foreign users cannot find in the available bilingual dictionaries, and will therefore shorten and simplify the path to grammatical information needed for study or translation work. As the users will be of different ages and profiles, the presentations are short and clear, allowing the fastest and most systematic access to grammatical data.

The introductory theoretical part of the manual presents morphological characteristics of the verbs. The second part introduces a list of 2610 verbs which were chosen on the basis of the frequency. Basic morphological data as well as correct accents are provided for all the verbs. With foreign users often incapable of distinguishing between the infinitive and the present tense forms, a list of verbs where the present tense form is followed by the infinitive form has been added. This list is followed by a list of 191 irregular participles, and by a list of 405 most frequent verbs. Each list contains the Italian translation of the infinitives. The manual is designed above all for foreign speakers (students of Slovene language at universities abroad, translators and interpreters, participants of the courses of the Slovene language in Slovenia, candidates taking exams in Slovene etc.).

Table of content



Glagoli glede na končaje v sedanjiku in velelniku

Verbi secondo le desinenze del presente e dell’imperativo

Razvrstitev glagolov po skupinah

Classificazione dei verbi in gruppi

Vzorci spregatev

Schemi di coniugazione



Legenda simbolov

Legenda dei simboli

Nedoločnik, sedanjik, velelnik, deležnik na -l

Infinito, presente, imperativo, participio in -l

Sedanjik, nedoločnik

Presente, infinito

Nepravilni deležnik, nedoločnik

Participio irregolare, infinito

Najpogostejši glagoli

Verbi più frequenti

Viri in literatura

Fonti e indicazioni bibliografiche

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Italian language
Slovene language


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