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Priročnik za obvladovanje psihosocialnih tveganj in absentizma s pomočjo orodja e-OPSA. Prilagojena različica za dejavnosti javnega sektorja.

Authors: Sanja Cukut Krilić, Lilijana Šprah, Saša Zorjan
Year: 2016

'A handbook for managing psychosocial risks and absenteeism with e-OPSA tool' is an integral part of the new, freely available tool aimed at management of psychosocial risks and health-related absenteeism (e-OPSA; An adapted version of e-OPSA for employed in the selected activities of the public sector (public administration, municipalities, courts, public agencies, ministries, etc.). Besides introducing the problem of psychosocial burdens experienced by employees at their workplace and beyond, this handbook can be used as a useful instrument for designing a various promotional and preventive arrangements which bettering employees’ health and well-being in their working settings, as suggested by recent guidelines for psychosocial risks management. A handbook is based on interactive chapters, including also numerous links to supportive health promotion websites in order to facilitate the preparation of adequate measures and related activities, commonly carried out by professionals in the field of health and safety at work. A special chapter is dedicated to instructions for working with an online e-OPSA tool, enabling an assessment of employees’ psychosocial burdens and risks of developing an excessive stress, absenteeism, presenteeism, turnover and experiencing of workplace violence.

psychosociological risks


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