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Kar tresla se je od lepote. Folklorne pripovedi iz Selške doline.

Authors: Breda Benedik, Katja Mohorič Bonča, Marija Gasser, Jana Jemec, Jerica Jerala, Jožica Kačar, Anka Pintar, Katarina Primožič, Zdenka Primožič
Year: 2017

The Beauty Was Making Her Shake is the 50th book in the Voices series (Glasovi). It contains 551 thought-provoking folk tales from the Selca valley, both from the valley towns by the Sora of Selca as well as from the hills. The tales are divided into eleven chapters: fairytales, myths, superstitious, scary, descriptive, legends, historical, ethnological, social, anecdotes and funny stories. They largely follow the spoken language and are written in the Selca dialect, with the exception of the few folk tales where this was not possible. The folk tales from the Zgornja and Spodnja Sorica, Zgornje and Spodnje Danje and Zabrdo still contain words or phrases that were used in the 13th century when the Germans populated the land.

The folk tales were transcribed between the 1980s and 2017. They were provided by multiple recorders from various parts of the Selca valley as well as from elsewhere. The list of recorders is included at the end of the book. Each of them has left a priceless mark with their approach, experiences and knowledge. This was a very particular way of collecting folk tales which represent our society. In order to do so successfully, multiple viewpoints are required and this is exactly what the book provides.
The folk tales illustrate the variety of life and work on offer in the Selca valley. In the book, we encounter mythical creatures and places that excite our imagination, fears and peoples' explanations of the unknown, superstitions and also the happiness and sadness that are integral parts of individual lives as well as of the society. The folk tales describe domestic as well as trade chores and also various celebrations that brought joy to many peoples' lives. Since several generations of families lived together, there are many anecdotes and humorous descriptions that were passed down from generation to generation. Overall the folk tales are brimming with wisdom, knowledge, skills and practices.
The book was illustrated by Agata Pavlovec, whose drawings represent yet another view of the society and its happenings.

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