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Globalizing Literary Genres. Literature, History, Modernity.

Edited by: Jernej Habjan, Fabienne Imlinger
Year: 2016

This volume is an intervention in the ongoing debates about world, postcolonial, and transnational literature as they have been intensified by the impact of critical globalisation studies, world-systems analysis, Bourdieuan sociology, and theories of cosmopolitanism. Covering both close reading and world history, both literary criticism and political theory, this book attempts to tresspass conventional academic and geopolitical boundaries. The volume connects the present state of globalization to such key world-historic events as the early modern geographical and scientific explorations; the Enlightenment; the expansions of modernity in the long nineteenth and twentieth centuries; postmodernity and postcoloniality; and contemporary counter-hegemonic movements.

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20th century
collective volume
literary genres
literary theory


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