Serials Historia scientiae since 2001
  Studia translatoria (with Slovenian Association of Literary Translators) since 2008
  Vodniki LGD (with Ljubljansko geografsko društvo) since 1997 (ZRC since 2003)
  Evropa since 1997
  Azija since 1998
  Afrika since 2005
  Amerika since 2011
  Slovenski glagol. Oblikoslovni priročnik in slovar slovenskih glagolov since 2004
Worlding a Peripheral Literature
Canon and World Literature

Author: Marko Juvan
Year: 2019
Temporary Croatization of Parts of Eastern Slovenia between the Sixteenth and Nineteenth Century
Changing Identities at the Meeting Point of Related Peoples
Thought, Society, Culture / Slovenian and South Eastern European Perspectives Thought

Author: Boris Golec
Year: 2017
What to Do with Folklore?
New Perspectives on Folklore Research
Balads and Songs – International Studies

Edited by: Marjetka Golež Kaučič
Year: 2017
Media Archaeologies, Micro-Archives and Storytelling
Re-presencing the Past
Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies

Author: Martin Pogačar
Year: 2016
Academic Labour, Unemployment and Global Higher Education
Neoliberal Policies of Funding and Management
Palgrave Critical University Studies

Edited by: Suman Gupta, Jernej Habjan, Hrvoje Tutek
Year: 2016
Prostor in čas v frazeologiji

Edited by: Nataša Jakop, Meteja Jemec Tomazin, Erika Kržišnik
Year: 2016
The Great War and Memory in Central and South-Eastern Europe
Balkan Studies Library 17

Edited by: Oto Luthar
Year: 2016
A Slavic Republic of Letters
The Correspondence between Jernej Kopitar and Baron Žiga Zois
Thought, Society, Culture / Slovenian and South Eastern European Perspectives Thought

Author: Luka Vidmar
Year: 2016
Globalizing Literary Genres
Literature, History, Modernity
Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature

Edited by: Jernej Habjan, Fabienne Imlinger
Year: 2016
A Culinary Metaphor

Author: Jernej Mlekuž
Year: 2015
A Terra e o seu Entorno
Uma História da Eslovênia

Edited by: Oto Luthar
Year: 2015
From Slovenia to Egypt
Aleksandrinke’s Trans-Mediterranean Domestic Workers’ Migration and National Imagination
Transkulturelle Perspektiven

Edited by: Mirjam Milharčič Hladnik
Year: 2015
Acta carsologica 43/2-3
Acta carsologica

Year: 2014
Izvestje 11/2014
Izvestje Raziskovalne postaje ZRC SAZU v Novi Gorici

Year: 2014
Barok na Slovenskem
Sakralni prostori

Authors: Metoda Kemperl, Luka Vidmar
Year: 2014
Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika
Druga, dopolnjena in deloma prenovljena izdaja

Author: Inštitut za slovenski jezik ZRC SAZU
Year: 2014
Literatura med dekonstrukcijo in teorijo
Oranžna zbirka

Author: Jernej Habjan
Year: 2014
Acta carsologica 43/1
Acta carsologica

Year: 2014
Daljinska istraživanja

Authors: Krištof Oštir, Admir Mulahusić
Year: 2014
Harmonia Concertans 2-3/2012-2013
Stara glasba na Novem trgu

preformed by: Ansambel musica cubicularis
Year: 2014
Mirroring Europe
Ideas of Europe and Europeanization in Balkan Societies
Balkan Studies Library 13

Edited by: Tanja Petrović
Year: 2014

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